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Hoof Zevenaar was originally a full-fledged tree nursery. Up until 1986, we grew a number of varieties of shrubs and conifers very successfully; in most cases from our own plant material cultures. The unique knowledge and experience we gained through this and the good growing quality of the plant material cultures inspired us to decide to specialize and to focus completely on plant material cultures. Since then, Hoof Zevenaar has grown into one of the leading companies of Europe in this field.

Specialized in plant material cultures

Growing plant material is extremely specialized work. Knowledge of the process, good material and suitable soil are essential. Because the soil quality of the surroundings of Zevenaar is insufficient, we only grow in pots. The soil we use for this comes from Litouwen. This soil is a perfect average of the various types of soil where the plant will eventually end up. This ensures that the plant will be able to continue growing there without any problems. Our strict quality end control also contributes to this. The strict selection criteria that Hoof Zevenaar applies ensure authenticity of the varieties and consistently high product quality, which ensures the customer of an optimum crop.

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